TIP Teens

General Description

TIP Teens is a program which involves young people (ages 16-21) as active volunteers in the Trauma Intervention Program. It is expected that involving teens in the local TIP Chapter will directly benefit the teens and will also enhance the capability of TIP to serve youth who have been traumatized.

The goals of the TIPTeens program are threefold:

How the TIP Chapter Will Use TIP Teens

TIP Teens may be involved in a number of ways in the TIP Chapter. Following are examples of how the TIP Teens will be involved:

Policies and Procedures

Expected Results

TIP Teens will report that they use their TIP skills in other areas of their lives beyond the TIP program. For example, the TIP Teen may report:

TIP Teens will serve as a link between the TIP Chapter and local schools and youth organizations. TIP will more effectively serve children and adolescents who have been emotionally traumatized because of the addition of TIP Teens to our volunteer corps.