Crisis Response Team

General Description: The core service in every TIP Chapter is the Crisis Response Team. The Crisis Response Team is a team of well trained volunteers who are called by emergency personnel to provide support to emotionally traumatized citizens on a 24-hour 365-day a year basis. Volunteers respond to the emergency location within 20 minutes of the time called.

The Need Addressed By a Crisis Response Team: Following a traumatic event, the persons involved often feel helpless, confused, and in emotional shock. They are confronted with a situation for which they are totally unprepared. Often there is no one available in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy to guide the victims through these difficult hours. The TIP volunteer provides this necessary temporary support until the persons involved in the crisis are able to depend on family, friends, neighbors, and others.

When a TIP Volunteer is Called: TIP volunteers are always available. They are called by authorized police officers, firefighters, paramedics and hospital personnel to assist:

What TIP volunteers do?

Who Are TIP Volunteers? 
TIP volunteers are citizens of all ages and occupations who have a deep desire to help others. Many of the volunteers have been through a traumatic experience themselves and realize the importance of immediate support from a caring and knowledgeable person.