Volunteer Profiles

Here at TIP Riverside County, we have an excellent team of volunteers. Below are a few questions that we have asked some of our volunteers to which they have responded in their own words.

Volunteer Questionnaire

Sybille L.
When did you start as a volunteer?
  • I have been a volunteer for 9 years.
Who do you currently want listed as your current employment?
  • II work full-time for the USPS and part time for a catering company. I raised 6 kids and 4 of them are still in college.
Tell a little about yourself and why you became a volunteer; and what it means to be a TIP volunteer.
  • II volunteer because I had tragedy young in life and don’t want others to have the same experience as I did. I wish I would have more time to volunteer than I currently have, but once I do I will spend even more time doing it.