Adopt a Volunteer Details


Region Assignment: East County

Volunteer Since: March 2013

Why I Joined TIP: A few years before I joined TIP, I had gone thru a series of 4 or 5 different traumas within a matter of months and then thru therapy to heal my resulting PTSD. I found the process fascinating and developed a sort of heart for helping in that area (and it didn’t hurt that I don’t generally get freaked out at gory stuff or emergencies situations) So when I saw a little blip in the newspaper about looking for TIP volunteers, I was drawn to join.

Activities Outside TIP: I’m lucky enough to be retired, so I travel, help family, read, camp, walk, cook, and love playing all kinds of games and puzzles.

One Word to Describe Volunteering: Filling

Fun Fact About Volunteer: My husband and I live on opposite sides of the country but we still make it work!